Sanctuary Spa is home to some of the best facials in Houston. Our estheticians are experienced in a variety of skin types and issues. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape, some targeted work on a skin concern or help with creating a holistic skin care protocol, Sanctuary Spa can help you meet your goals. Our facials will relax, detoxify and soothe your skin while simultaneously hydrating and improving blood and lymph circulation. Seaweed, herbs and essential oils from plants are effectively used to reveal the health and beauty of your skin.

Every facial begins with a consultation with your service provider. Maximize this time by providing your esthetician with any info that will help with your treatment. Common information communicated at this time is your skin type, your greatest skin concerns, any specific likes and dislikes or questions you may have. While our esthetician’s goal is for you to relax and drift away, they are happy to inform you regarding any of the products and techniques that they are using.

75 MINUTES$135

The ultimate retreat, the 75-minute Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial will completely relax you while your esthetician addresses your skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, congestion, mature skin/fine lines and more. Includes 2 cleansings, exfoliation, steam, nourishment, mask, toning, extractions, signature massage techniques, and finishes with hydration.60 MINUTES$115

If you don’t have enough time for the full treatment, the 60-minute facial is a great compromise. A great option as well if you plan on coupling your facial with a massage or hydrotherapy treatment. Includes 2 cleansings, exfoliation, steam, nourishment, mask, toning, extractions, signature massage techniques, and hydration. A slightly slimmed down version of our full 75 minute Signature Restorative.45 MINUTES$95

This time is great if you’re looking for an introduction to a facial or if you’re consistent with your skin care regime and therefore can bypass the extraction efforts included in the longer versions of this facial. Includes 2 cleansings, exfoliation, steam, nourishment, toning, signature massage techniques, and hydration.SANCTUARY’S PERSONALIZED FACIAL

Our Sanctuary Personalized Facial takes a completely consultative approach to your facial. Our estheticians will customize a facial based on your specific skin type (dry, oily, etc) and issues (acne, aging, rosacea, etc) you may be experiencing. This facial draws from both of our product lines, Source Vital and Rhonda Allison, in order to provide you with the best products for targeted results.